Are you looking for contracts where you typically visit the end client several days a week and work alongside permanent staff?

No Recruitment Agencies

If you find that Recruitment Agents get in the way of you contacting clients, then you’ll appreciate that with our service you deal directly with the end client.

You're the type of Contractor who is confident and competent in your primary skills. You believe that there is no value that a Recruitment Agent can add to your search for a new job. You'll now be directly in control. If you match the mandatory requirements of the contract and certain other criteria, then it's over to you.

Ask anonymous questions

You can anonymously ask the end Client questions before applying for a contract.

Standard vacancy and project format

Contract opportunities are presented in a standard format, so you can quickly find the information that you need.

No searching

Rather than you searching for contracts we do the searching and matching for you based on your profile.

Ask questions

Before applying for a contract, you can anonymously ask the Client questions.

This can save you lots of time, by finding out information that normally comes to light in a first meeting.

We leave you alone

You will get very few emails from us and you can pause notifications from your account panel. We will not phone you.

You remain in control
  • No clients will see your profile without your permission.
  • No one can search for you.